Ink LaRue

No matter where you go, there you are.



by Unka John

While the next episode is sitting unfinished on a coffee table, I've been busy uploading the story to another site. It's getting about the same amount of traffic there so far. I may just go with an ink wash rather than color on the next upload. Digital color is looking too web-comicky-cliche to me. Hoping to pick up some watercolor paper this week and see how that works out.


by Unka John

I've begun mirroring on the site I came from. I've a faithfull handfull of readers of whom I am quite fond here. No plans at present of abandoning them. I'm beginning to suspect that CF and I are no longer a great team.

Devil in the Blue Dress

by Unka John

Long time readers are aware that there really is a Cinny. She is very much like the cartoon character. It also just so happens that the Devil in the Blue Dress also exists. And yes, she is very much like the cartoon character as well. Both women seem to approve of their respective comic depictions. Unka John has on several occasions stepped out on the town with both women as his dates. One's stock tends to rise when entering social events with a busty brunette on one arm and a leggy blond on the other. Yes, I'm bragging.  Though we are now separated by the width of the US. The Devil in the Blue Dress still manages to be there for Cinny when she needs her.


by Unka John

Most of my subscribers are no longer on comic fury and I know for a fact one of them is dead. Oddly, though my readership is pretty low, I seem to be gaining subscribers. I mean really low as in less than 75 readers per update.


by Unka John

Took me forever to get this strip done. Between this and the last one I burned through my small (4 week) buffer. I'm digitally coloring this one and may upload it later this week in color. My purpose in doing this story really isn't readership. Readership was never big in the first place but the B&W story underperforming the original tale by a huge margin. I'm doing this story to get the rust off my fingers after that long, forced, lay-off. That, the practice and learning digital are my main motives. I have a plan and this is training. 

Just can't do it

by Unka John

While there is a comic updating this Monday, my queue is now empty. I was 4 weeks ahead. Granted there have been family interruptions, some serious, but it's been taking a week or more to do a strip lately. The one I'm working on right now has been written for two weeks and layed out for one. Only half of it is drawn and I just can't bring myself to finish the damned thing.

almost the end

by Unka John

Ink LaRue almost ended 2 strips into it's resurrection today. I almost lost Cinny when an 18 wheeler ran her off the highway at 75mph. 

ancient history

by Unka John

Today Unka John was wandering around town and found a microphone in some poor guys living room.This led to something called "podcasting", aka old guy droning on and on for the internet. I am told this will, at some time in the future, join all the other needles in the haystack "on the line".It is suspected listening to Unka John has the same effect as strobe lights on an epileptic. It lased close to 2 hours and would have gone longer except the nice policeman promised Unka John ice cream.

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